Wonderful on Wednesday: Coffee, Tea or Yogi?

Two wonderful women join forces to produce a unique blend of coffee, tea & yoga on Wednesday night Candlelit Yoga event at 7pm at Higher Ground Coffee in Lemont. My girlfriends and I went last week and were inspired by the collaborative spirit in “Simply Yoga’s” Amy Scoville and coffee shop owner Deanna Lileikis’ creative partnership to lift us through another icy cold spell in Chicago. Tickets are $11.50 and are still available for tonight’s event here!

Yogi Amy Scoville & Higher Grounds Coffee Shop Owner Deanna Lileikis in Lemont, IL

Yogi Amy Scoville led an inclusive group and allowed for each of us to come to our mats with a wide variety of backgrounds from beginner to advanced. I liked Amy’s casual but thoughtful approach, and enjoyed the cup of lavender tea that was included in our ticket price.

Higher Ground Coffee owner Deanna Lileikis asked the community on Facebook what they would like to see added to her space at 223 Main Street in Lemont, and “Yoga!” came through loud and clear. Yogi Amy Scoville reached out to Deanna, and they began to collaborate in the space weekly on Wednesday nights. Commuters will be able to walk two doors down from the train station to their yoga class and enjoy one of the many different blends of loose teas that Deanna heaps into her customized tea bags for the relaxed journey home.

My favorite part of the yoga practice was, as usual, the end! I am a sucker for all things that soothe my mind. When Amy’s peaceful voice spoke about the fluidness which exists in all of us, I became still to observe all the natural wonder I sometimes miss in my overactive day.

I asked Amy about it later, and she said, “thank you!! It resonated with me and I hoped it would allow for a deeper savasana. It’s from Peter Heller, The Dog Stars.”

I googled the book and found this lovely quote on Goodreads. “Imagine the water, pure and clear pouring in. So good you don’t even welcome it, it runs through you in a bright stream, as it has been there all along.”

The savasana stream added to the beautiful pairing of yoga, lavender tea, and the flow of natural abundance locally if you stop and take notice.

Enjoy these two wonderful women as they utilize their space and energy to support and give back to their local community in Lemont.

Tickets for tonight, March 6, 2019 at 7:00pm are available here at Eventbrite for $11.50. Bring a mat, bring a friend, and find your stream of consciousness. It’s a cup of tea!

Higher Grounds Coffee Shop donates to the Lemont Food Pantry


It caught me sometimes: that this was okay. Just this. That simple beauty was still bearable barely, and that if I lived moment to moment, garden to stove to the simple act of flying, I could have peace.”

-Peter Heller, The Dog Stars


  1. Juanita Tribo

    FYI The analogy about the water flowing through you is exactly the same as when the Holy Spirit flows through you. It’s all around you, in and around everything including you.
    But right now, I’m mostly interested if the coffee shop owner is any relation to the lileikis family that owned a small grocery store in Chicago Heights many, many years ago. I went to school with a Charles Lileikis
    Any relation?


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