Wonderful on Wednesday: Glutton for Gluten-Free Product Praise!

Recipe: Click HERE for link to Building Lasagna

Build the lasagna and they will come!


Time for a praise pause in Renata’s Kitchen, and today it is a gluten-free lasagna noodle that I loved called Jovial, and boy did it make me happy as it lived up to its name.

I am normally a DeCecco fanatic, but my friends are gluten-free, so I stepped out of my comfort zone while babysitting at their house. I have since been back to the get more of these noodles twice because my vegan husband loved the way they tasted in a lentil lasagna I made him. I am working on adjusting the ingredients and sharing that recipe with you!

The first time I cooked these noodles at home, I took the lasagna noodles out and found there were a lot of broken pieces. But I just ignored the cracks of imperfection and layered them, and they congealed nicely.

I found this lasagna noodle at Wholefoods and noticed they have 2 grams of fiber, 5 grams of protein, and 0 grams of sugar per serving. The only ingredient is organic brown rice flour. (Well, and water.)

Most importantly is the taste! If you are used to homemade lasagna noodles from scratch, then obviously these are a different vibe completely. But if you suffer from inflammation and find that wheat makes you cough up a bunch of mucus, especially this time of year, then this product might be a real lung saver.

If you are building your lasagna with this noodle, use a cup of extra liquid and just start laying them out straight from the box without pre-boiling. It’s so nice to have a product on hand for gluten-free guests that tastes of nutty, earthy, brown rice goodness. I find a lot of gluten-free products are made of processed corn and have sugar in them. These noodles are simple and wholesome!

If you are making a bunch of lasagna for an event this spring, you could slip these gluten-free noodles in their own pan and mark them for guests who would surely appreciate the gesture.

I’m so happy to have found this product for Wonderful on Wednesday! What’s your favorite brand of lasagna noodle?


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Jovial Foods Organic Brown Rice Lasagna is Gluten-Free.


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