Wonderful on Wednesday: A Tribute to Daniel Donato!

Daniel was kind enough to take a photo with sweaty Renata after a dance fest to his music.

Recipe Tribute: Renata’s Smashing Marinara

Renata’s Smashing Marinara


It’s time for a praise pause in Renata’s Kitchen!

Today’s “Wonderful on Wednesday” story is devoted to the incomparable musical wonder of singer, song writer and guitarist Daniel Donato. I am not a musician, so I am dedicating a recipe to Daniel instead of a song. This one’s for you, Daniel. A smashing guitarist deserves a smashing sauce!

I have absolutely loved following this incredible musician, Daniel Donato, since my husband and I first danced to his music in Nashville several years ago where he played with the Don Kelley Band. Since then, we have seen him play again in Chicagoland, and were happy to see he had branched off on his own. His storytelling harkens back to days when people took time to tell stories and connect with their audiences. What a treat to have seen him play live twice!

I have said it before, and I will say it again. Daniel Donato is the best live guitarist I have ever seen perform. I never got to see Stevie Ray Vaughan perform, but I think they would have hit it off nicely. If you ever get the chance to see Daniel play live, I suggest you take it because his guitar skills are unlike anyone I have ever seen. He is a virtuoso!

Click here to find Daniel Donato’s tour info

Aside from the way he has honed his guitar skills on the streets of Nashville since he was a young boy, Daniel is just a kind-hearted soul. Even though it had been a couple of years since my husband and I saw him, he still took time to meet us and take a photo after his show in Evanston at SPACE. He was so kind and thankful we attended, showing his genuine spirit as he engaged with all his fans as if they were old friends.

I hope you get a chance to see Daniel Donato on his next tour. We took our friends who are also musicians, and they were blown away by this incredible artist. A more genuine heart you will not hear!

This one’s for you, Daniel. Next time you come to Chicagoland, just let me know and we will bring you a jar of my homemade smashing marinara sauce. Thank you for sharing your musical gifts with the world by dedicating yourself so faithfully to your craft. You light up the world, and definitely deserve all the success you have earned. May you continue to curate your own musical masterpieces with the unique secret sauce of your soul.

I know from your Instagram page that you are coming to Chicago soon. When Renata dances, Renata is happy, and good things start cooking from there. So from my kitchen table to yours…grazie!


The one thing that can solve most of our problems is dancing.

James Brown

Click here to find Daniel Donato’s music

I have been lucky enough to have danced my heart out to the musical wonder of the incomparable singer, song writer and guitarist–Daniel Donato.

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