Where are your wrinkles? Filled in with veggies!


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“Where are your wrinkles?” a young gal asked me last night when I told her that, no, I wasn’t in my 20s.

“I eat a lot of vegetables,” I said.

She grabbed a Renata’s Kitchen business card and I hope she is reading this blog today, with her adorable brother too!

Some could argue that a youthful face is simply down to genetics.  The Italians in my family are known take three flights of stairs to their third floor apartment well into their 80s.(Probably rushing up to make a bowl of pasta and some nice string beans.)

I got my love of vegetables from my father.  And yes, he is from Italy and moved to America when he was quite old–in his 20s.

Dad’s  passion for fruit is also legendary, and he eats a bowl of fruit every morning. No, I don’t mean what an American would call “a bowl of fruit.”  I mean, Dad sits down at the kitchen table and eats a large serving bowl of 6-8 whole fruits every single morning! And don’t let him catch you eating an orange that is out of season. He likes to go with the seasonal flow.

When we were growing up, Dad would always have a bowl or two of veggies he prepared sitting on the counter top.  No one in our family had ever heard of salmonella, or such things as refrigerating food for safety.

Dad cooked those veggies in the morning, and snacked on them all throughout the day, as well as alongside dinner. (Which was always–every SINGLE NIGHT–pasta, sometimes with fish, chicken or meat.)

Dad ate this way long before any government mandate ever hired a marketing team to come up with the phrase “5-a-Day”.

If fact, I would say that Dad doubles that number of fruit and veg every single day…at least!

So I guess  it’s true what they say. Your kids don’t do what you say.  They do what you do.

I have always loved grabbing veggies and fruit throughout the day, and I feel quite weak without them.

When people say they are expensive, I wonder.

How much they are spending on facial creams and potions that claim to fill in your wrinkles with collagen that Mother Nature bottled up in all the colors of her powerful produce.

How much does Botox cost? (And how painful is it? I have no clue!)

Truth be told, I don’t really eat veggies and fruits to look young.  I am Story Girl, and love nothing more than admiring the set design on your facial stage as your story unfolds.

I eat veggies and fruits, alongside a few fingers of protein and power grains so I can stop thinking how hungry I am for a couple of hours, for a different reason.

I eat the colors of nature because they give me lots of energy and make me feel really happy inside.

When I leave for a long trip in the car, I pack a BOSS (Box of Smart Snacks).

When I leave for a shopping trip, I stuff a BOSS (Bag of Smart Snacks) in my purse.

When I am writing my Daily Bread blog, I chop a pile of colorful veggies, any old ones that have seen better days, and pile them into a white bowl for snacking, alongside some grapes, nuts or a bit of grain like a whole grain cracker or a few bits of whole grain cereal.

My mind becomes clear when it is full of the water from those veggies and fruits, and my headaches go away. When you wake up, you are quite dehydrated from sleeping all night! What a lovely gift to your body to give it a drink of water in the form of some celery, cucumber and grapes.

My cheeks become rosy after a few prunes, asparagus spears, or roasted brussels sprouts.

My little bits of nuts, beans, chopped turkey help give me the energy to get through the day with color in my cheeks, and a bounce in my step.

Which I need.

Because when I get done working, I need to have enough energy to run in the kitchen.

And make a bowl of pasta.

ALMOST every night!


Wear a smile and have friends; wear a scowl and have wrinkles.

George Eliot


Renata, age 47, doesn’t always eat veggies and fruit!

Thank you God for fathers and daughters and sons and mothers and aunts and uncles and grandparents and cousins, who are, after all, just brothers and sisters bungling around trying to figure stuff out. 




  1. Loved the blog, it has inspired me to cut up some veggies!!

  2. I LOVE this blog you wrote about your dad!
    And he says you remember EVERYTHING!

    • Oh teehee, yes I have a habit of remembering every single thing that happened in the distant past, and nothing about the recent past such as where
      I put my phone, my keys, what day of the week it is.


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