What Does Rafa EAT? Bad News, Vegans. Fish.

What does a legendary champion with a heart of gold eat? The stuff of his childhood home: Fish.

What do champions eat?

Okay, by now you may guess I’m wild for Rafael Nadal. You can imagine my joy when he focused his energy on finishing the job to win the US Open in the fifth set against a very formidable opponent! So is the secret to his success what he eats?

I venture a guess that the key to Rafa’s stunning follow-through is his commitment to following his heart. And this Spaniard’s heart chooses the stuff his ancestors grew up on–fish, olive oil, and risotto.

What inspires me about Rafa is that he adores his native Majorca, and is quoted as saying he will stay there the rest his life. I’ve watched him grow up from a young boy who adored his footballer family, to a fine man who treats others with courtesy and respect.

What I love most about Rafael Nadal, and what I wish to emulate, is his commitment to his core values. He is committed to making the most of his God-given gifts, he is committed to giving back to his community, and he is committed to eating the fresh fish his ancestors grew up eating. It doesn’t take a PhD in biology to understand that if it wasn’t broke for Grandma, why fix it?

So apparently Rafa also loves olives, olive oil, chocolate, and can even bake a cake. He seems to do his own cooking where you can see him here on his Instagram page cooking some simple fish fillets on the stove, probably in a little Spanish olive oil!

So don’t worry if you are a plant-based person, an omnivore, or a Mediterranean food follower. Share your gifts, follow your heart, and eat what works best for your game. Stay focused on your own core gifts, and remember even the ultra wealthy cook their own food as an act of self love!

Indulge in what you love now and then, even if it seems to weigh you down a bit! But maybe not every single day. Especially if you are bringing some serious heat to your game.

“You eat paella every day, you cannot play tennis.”

Try a little Olive Oil Taste Test. Rafa loves Spanish the best, and I love Italian! I’m faithful to my roots too.

Today’s quote is dedicated to the children who grew up without their parent who died on 9/11.

“If we learn nothing else from this tragedy, we learn that life is short and there is no time for hate.”

Sandy Dahl, wife of Flight 93 pilot Jason Dahl


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