Trivia Tuesday: Which Brand of Hummus has the highest fat content?

Recipe: Renata’s Super Fast Party Hummus

Make your own, and control the fat! Try my recipe and omit oil if you wish…

Story–Last Week’s Answer & This Week’s Question below…

Welcome to Trivia Tuesday! Last week’s question was…TRUE!

All of the following holidays fall on the day preceding Ash Wednesday, which marks the first day of Lent on the Christian liturgical calendar, ending approximately 6 weeks later on Easter Sunday. That day is today!

Fat Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday

Pancake Day

Mardi Gras

Paczki Day

Today’s Trivia Tuesday is about Hummus!

  1. Which of these brands of hummus is highest in fat at 9g per 2T serving?

A) Saba Classic Hummus

B) Oasis Original

C) Tribe Hummus

D) Boar’s Head Hummus

2. Which of these brands of hummus is lowest in fat at 3 grams of fat per 2T serving?

A) Oasis Original Hummus

B) Saba Classic Hummus

C) Cedars Hummus

D) Tribe Hummus

Today’s answers are at the bottom of the page under the last photo. If you need to reduce your fat intake, the easiest way to control your fat content is to make your own hummus.

Yes, you still have fat in chick peas, but you are eating a whole food. The tahini you choose will have a fair amount of fat in it, but you could also reduce the tahini called for in my recipe to suit your dietary requirements.

In short, there are no hard and fast rules about how you make your hummus! Make it with oil, no oil, different types of nuts like cashews or stick to traditional sesame tahini paste.

The nice thing about making your own hummus is how cheap it is, especially if you can get into the habit of soaking your $2 bag of chick peas the night before a party.

Serve Renata’s Super Fast Party Hummus and you will only spend a few dollars entertaining for a dozen people to eat!

Serve this hummus with veggies and you will have a super low fat, high fiber party platter that will fill your friends up without weighing them down.

365 Brand Organic Tahini is available at Wholefoods.
Today’s Tuesday Trivia Answers: D) Boars Head has the highest fat at 9g/2T serving. A) Oasis Original Hummus has the lowest fat at 3g/2T serving.

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