Thirsty Thursday: Reusable Tea Bags Available on Etsy

Get your reusable organic tea bags at BearEarthHerbals HERE.

Recipe: Blend-Your-Own-Tea

  • Inhale a few of your favorite loose teas and follow your heart to select the winners of your nose that knows.
  • Load a small handful of your loose batch of tea into a muslin reusable bag like this one from BearEarthHerbals here.
  • Pour boiling water over tightly drawn string bag and steep 4-5 minutes.
  • When you are finished, turn bag inside out and tip into bin, rinse and dry for next time.
  • Enjoy trying blends of all your favorite loose tea and taking them on the road in your favorite travel mug!


I love hanging out with my friends Heidi and Dave because I always learn new things after sitting in their kitchen. Heidi Hartmann and Dave Loffredo are very committed to the environment, so they try to waste as little as possible. This is very lucky for me because they often send me home with a bag of little treasures they have in abundance . Today’s bag was filled with a sample of Dave’s favorite loose tea from Rishi!

Bag-n-Brew at home or on the road in your travel mug.

I don’t know if I can ever match Heidi’s commitment to the environment. She works hard with CCL (Citizen’s Climate Lobby) locally and nationally. Their family was one of the first to put solar panels on the roof of their home many years ago. They drive electric AND hybrid cars. They are vegetarian. They keep their energy consumption to a minimum. They make ever effort not to waste!

I may not be able to keep my temperature as low at home as Heidi and Dave do, but I was able to find a reusable, organic tea bag! Dave can take his favorite loose tea in his thermal mug for his commute to work, and know he is supporting organic farming and building further momentum to sustainable living by creating as little waste as possible. Loose tea isn’t only for quiet pots at home anymore. They are commuter and boardroom friendly with these little reusable bags.

The aroma that comes from loose tea is enough to make even the most dismal conference call more enjoyable. You may not be able to control what you hear, but you can control what you smell!

One of the things I also love about buying these reusable Bear Earth Herbals tea bags on Etsy is that I feel good about supporting the niche brands, which jives with my love for all things David over Goliath.

Yes, it’s going to be a little more of a pain to reuse this tea bag. It’s more of a commitment to being a mad scientist than anything else. It’s the little things in life that can change your perspective and help you see that your cup overfloweth. Enjoy the process of finding out what you love and what you don’t love to smell, taste and see.

One of the other reasons I wanted to explore teas on Thirsty Thursday is because of a medicinal endeavor. A friend recently told me that she found a place in Chinatown in Chicago that sells healing teas, and I want to learn more about that.

Mix it up like a mad scientist!

I wish I could say I knew it all, but I really need your help in this search! Does anyone know of medicinal teas that they have successfully used in treating major illnesses like auto-immune diseases, cancer, or mental health disorders? I would love your comments below. If you prefer privacy, please write to me at and I will keep your name confidential.

I am so thankful for this beautiful cup of tea and the self-care I was able to receive by making this special cup of tea for myself this morning. Thank you to Heidi Hartmann and Dave Loffredo for all they do to lead the pack on their efforts to take care of the earth. In this dreary Chicagoland grey-white snow period of our winter, it’s so beautiful to see what’s brewing in other friends’ lives, and sample from their cup of life.

Brew at home or on the road.

What’s your favorite brand or type of loose tea? Have you ever combined a few in one pot that you love?


Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things.

-Chaim Potok



  1. Juanita Tribo

    If you do find a medicinal tea to help with autoimmune diseases, please let us all know. Especially those of us that live with auto immune problems.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Juanita and thank you for sharing. Would you feel comfortable letting us know which disease you have in particular? I will keep you in mind as I search. As you know, I believe a plant-based, whole food diet that is very low in processed foods is one of the best ways to make a start. I am beginning to explore further which teas help some of the most difficult diseases to manage. Anyone else care to chime in on teas that they have found that have been helpful in healing?

  2. Heidi Hartmann

    Ha – you are teaching us too! We will be trying some reuseable tea bags, which I didn’t even know are available. Thanks.


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