Thirsty Thursday: Learn about Wine from the BEST!

Jaclyn Misch is my favorite wine connoisseur of all time. No wonder I chose her to be my first highlight on “Thirsty Thursday”!

You won’t believe Jaclyn’s glorious writing on her wine and lifestyle website where she highlighted this incredible culinary dinner series in California with tickets costing $1300 per person. You can enjoy the photos and description for free in Jaclyn’s story!

Just reading about and looking at photos of Jaclyn’s blog on the Kosta Browne Winery is making my heart and soul blossom. What a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift this would make for some lucky couple! Read Jacyln’s well-written piece at her website “Chasing Grapes” which is a lifestyle site that includes her love of wine and her love of the family she is building with her husband using IVF and surrogacy.

Jaclyn and I met while working for Beautiful You MRKH Foundation, and our entire family is so grateful that she has been such a dedicated spokesperson for the organization. Jaclyn was one of the first people our daughter Sophie ever met who was also born with the congenital disorder called MRKH. Can you imagine a better person in your LIFE to meet who also has your same condition? I sure couldn’t. If you want to know more about Beautiful You MRKH Foundation, Jaclyn explains with great clarity about MRKH here.

Jaclyn writes with her signature style, humor and openness in her blog about how she and her husband Jon embrace the embryonic challenges of using a surrogate to start a family. She uses that same deep exploration of her senses to investigate wines in Napa Valley as she studies at the Culinary Institute of America to obtain her masters in “da-vine”. (Haha!)

I can’t think of a better person to educate me on wines. Jaclyn’s personality is a unique pairing of humor and sophistication. I just adore her blog and find her photos to be spellbinding as they are so gorgeous!

In yesterday’s Chasing Grapes blog, Jaclyn shared the news that she and Jon did not have the results they were hoping for when their embryo did not successfully result in a pregnancy using a surrogate.

I am hoping that you can take some time and read a little bit about Jaclyn, and please send some prayers and wonderful words for her and Jon. I hope you visit her website and blog… and comment!

Enjoy reading about all the divine places that Jaclyn takes her readers and viewers to as she explains all the fine details about wines from around the world. Jaclyn’s Instagram page is HERE.

A huge thank you to Jaclyn for all you do for Beautiful You MRKH Foundation. My little grape has grown into a fine young woman, and I consider you to be one of the many people in my “village” who helped raise her up from a teenage girl into a beautiful and empowered woman.

Thank you for teaching me about wines. I never wanted to go to Napa Valley until I saw all your stunning photos! Can they do a vegan version of this wine/food pairing? If so, I think Dr. Gough may reserve a spot for us in about ten years!

My prayers are with you as you chase your grapes. Something delicious is coming, I just know it!

If you would like to donate money to Beautiful You MRKH Foundation, all of the proceeds go to a fiercely organized and lean group of women who run a registered 501(c)(3) charity to support all affected by MRKH. Without Beautiful You MRKH Foundation, our family would not be as happy and full of life as we are today. I will spend the rest of my life trying to repay them all. Would you like to help? Click HERE to learn more.

Enjoy your Thirsty Thursday, and if you want to figure out the best wines to drink, Jaclyn’s Instagram photos and videos will illuminate your search!

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Wine is bottled poetry.

-Robert Louis Stevenson


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