They’re Vegan–and They’re Spectacular

“They’re Vegan, and They’re Spectacular” CheezeBurger & Plantiful Salad

CheezeBurger: 300 cal/20g protein/8g fat/44g carb

Plantiful Salad: 50 cal/5g protein/0g fat/5g carb

Cheezeburger, Cheezeburger, Cheezeburger, without the blowing your cholesterol test.
Cheezeburger, Cheezeburger, Cheezeburger, without blowing your cholesterol test.

This burger-n-fiber keeps you satisfied.  It is ready in 3 minutes!

Be sure to get the “Turk’y Burger” because Boca does a slightly different burger that is higher in fat. 1 minute in microwave, flip, cook 30 seconds, add cheddar slice and cook 20 seconds more.  Place on bun with ketchup, mustard and pickles and serve with a powerful side of salad.  

Top spinach, spring greens, arugula with leftover cooked, or raw cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes. Dress with 1 spray olive oil, 1 drizzle of soy sauce, 1 drizzle vinegar & black pepper.

So, pop quiz…

What TV series is the inspiration for the title of this blog? 


Cheezeburger Dream Team
Cheezeburger Dream Team
300 calories/20g protein/8g fat/44g carb
300 calories/20g protein/8g fat/44g carb




  1. These look great! Any recommendations for a vegan mayo substitute?

    • Hi Blake! That’s a great question. If you want a vegan mayo out of the jar, then “Veganaise” makes a nice substitute. You can also get a really ripe avocado and smear it on with a bit of cayenne pepper and garlic powder for kick. Sometimes I mix salsa with hummus for a “spread” for all my sandwiches and burgers. It looks creamy and is loaded with plant based fiber!


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