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Let’s Eat With Daniel Donato

RK: What was your favorite food to eat as a child?

DD: Captain Crunch. I still love cereal – just adult cereal, now. 

RK: Do you like to cook? If so, what are your favorite seasonings or flavors?

DD: I love to cook! My grandfather always used hot peppers and garlic cloves, when I was younger. I still use these in most meals. 

RK: How do you stay healthy when you are on tour or on the road? 

DD: I eat a lot of fats in the AM; nuts and avocados. And then I do one main meal between the soundcheck and our show. Very rarely anything fried or heavily processed.

flat lay photo of fruits and vegetables
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RK: What do you like to read?

DD:  I love books on awareness and psychology. “Awareness” by Anthony DeMello is a favorite. 

RK: What is one of your favorite local treats?

DD: Anything at Robert’s Western World.

RK: If I could cook anything for you in the world, what would it be? (Even if it’s not on my website!)

DD:  Anything that is made with love and expertise! 

RK: What brands are your ‘must-haves’ in the house? 

DD: Laird Superfoods. These are just fantastic nutrition partners. 

RK: If you were at a vintage bar in Chicago, what would you order?

Get thee to The Side Bar in Fitzgeralds Night Club in Berwyn, IL

DD: An Old Fashioned. It is the drink that is the litmus test of a good bar or not, for me. 

RK: Who would you have dinner with if you could choose just one person?

DD: 50-year-old me. I’d love to see what he’d think of 25-year-old me.

RK:   Do you have a favorite club or venue you have played? Want to play?

DD: Robert’s Western World. My dream venue is the Ryman Auditorium. Its about 1,000 feet away from Robert’s Western World.

RK: How do you demonstrate self-care?

DD:  I exercise 6 days a week, so that’s physical. Each AM, I record music and put it on my Patreon page – that is my mental care. 

RK: What food or drink do you love to indulge in, even if it’s a bit unhealthy?

DD: I consume high levels of caffeine 6 days a week.

RK: Is there a travel destination you are dying to visit?

DD: Montana. I want to live there one day when I have a family. 

Photo taken by Peter Gough this week! (He wants to live there when he grows up, too.)

RK:  Do you have a family recipe or tradition you could share?

DD: Yes! Cabbage Latkes! 

focus photography of green cabbage
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RK: I found some great places for lentils on the internet I would not have tried pre-lockdown.  Can you share any good online food shopping experiences you have tried during the COVID culture? 

DD: I’ve gone very whole foods-based in the COVID period. Kale pretty much goes with everything you can imagine.

RK: What is your morning ritual? 

DD: My morning ritual can be found on my Patreon page! I record music for 10 minutes from a place of joy and positivity. 

RK: What are some of your favorite Spotify playlists?

DD: My FAVORITE playlist is the Indigo playlist. “A new shade of country.” The new Cosmic Country song just got added to it! 

RK: What is something you have done that you would not have tried without a total lockdown? 

DD: Meditation!

RK: You often talk about your admiration for your dad in your podcasts and interviews.  What do you think his favorite meal is?

DD: His favorite meal is likely from Colonial Bakery across the street from our old beach house in Seaside Heights, NJ. Nostalgia always wins. 

RK: Can you share anything you are working on that we may be able to enjoy soon? 

DD: My new album and podcast!

Get the Album: A Young Man’s Country

A Young Man’s Country is Donato’s first full-length album.

Outstanding Podcast: Daniel Donato’s Lost Highway

Who is your favorite artist on this playlist?

Happy Album Release Day, Daniel!


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  1. Judith Theresa Boyers Gee

    Your enthusiasm and talent veritably leaps out of my iphone!

    And this young man plays a guitar like I’ve never heard! (Shhhhh, don’t tell Willie I said that!)


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