“Sonday Series”–One Day a Week Teaching Boys to Cook like Men


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Introducing: The “SONDAY Series”

Teaching Boys How to Cook Like Men

da carnivore
No doubt about his future career success.  But can he cook? 


link to: Renata’s Oven Baked Pasta

One Dish Wonder and No Boiling Da Pasta!!!
One Dish Wonder and No Boiling Da Pasta!!!

The first recipe for my “SONDAY SERIES” is for Renata’s Oven Baked Pasta.  I chose this recipe because my own son loves to cook this so much.  It requires one pan, so you won’t come home to a kitchen full of dishes. (What’s the point of someone cooking dinner if you have to clean up a huge mess!) 

This recipe is a fantastic beginner’s recipe. I have seen children of both genders blossom into adults with the pride and amazement they feel watching a few cold, dry, raw ingredients go into a single pan, and emerge a work of art in just 45 minutes! 

Though this dish cooks in 45 minutes, it can be prepared in 5 minutes (okay, by me, but even a child could prepare it in 10 minutes.)

When I tell my own son to cook dinner, and he responds, 

“But Mom! I don’t know HOW!” I simply direct him to this fabulous website he may have heard of called Renata’s Kitchen.  Please feel free to do the same! 

link to Renata’s Kitchen Website Home

Mia figlia Sophia
If you deserve this future wife, you better learn how to cook, clean, and work as hard as she does!


Nothing burns me up more than hearing someone ask my fiercely intelligent daughter,

“How are you going to manage becoming a doctor AND becoming a mother?”

In the kitchen the other day, I implored her to answer that question with her own question,

“Would you ask a young man that question?”

Now, before I trigger gender war explosions, let me assure you that this rage is not directed at men, nor is it a blame game I wish to win.

I do have the heart of a mechanic, though, and am always trying to understand how things work.

To know how things work, sometimes we have to look at what is NOT working.

Here is what I know is not working for sure.

Almost every one of my female friends is an incredibly high achieving, fiercely intelligent woman who works night and day at either A) a very highly paid job outside the home, or B) an unpaid job (technically) inside the home.

Both “Mother A” and “Mother B” are frequently exhausted, multi tasking, dynamic women who speak the languages of international affairs, accountancy, nutrition, chef, nursing, pastor, counselor, doctor, maid, chauffeur, coach, business consultant, teacher, scientist and friend with brilliant fluency.

Both “Mother A” and “Mother B” are also prone to 11pm text rants when the wheels fall off their well-oiled machines to reveal that they are, after all, mere mortals.

Every single mother I know has tried to crack the code to a simpler life. No one has found the answer.  We will still die trying.  And we should!

I would therefore like to propose an idea that may help a little, may help a lot, or may help not-a-dot.

What if we raised our sons to cook, clean and nurse to care for themselves and others?

What if our sons grew up prepared for a mutually reciprocal marriage where muscles in the trenches and muscles in the office were equally conditioned?

I know what you are thinking.

“I don’t have time to train him!”

Well, could I be of service?

I hope I can.

Because if you can send your son a link to this blog today, maybe this could be the catalyst for change.

[click green for the link to send your son]

Maybe we can help (as women sometimes do) one another with the enormous task of raising our army of children together?

Maybe my daughters can learn from you how to become doctors, scientists, business owners, while still enjoying parenthood?  

I grew up as the daughter of a sausage maker, so I am not much help in the med school coaching!

But perhaps the daughter of a sausage maker who spent a little too long in the kitchen could help all of our sons learn how to cook, clean and care.  Perhaps this would be good preparation for our daughters (and those 11pm text rants).

What if we could help develop a future family plan where both parents understand each of the roles that gets a family bus down the road?

If that is the case, then please, I implore you to send your sons to me for my weekly “SONDAY SERIES” that teaches boys how to cook…like men.

Because growing from a boy into a man is just like growing from a girl to a woman.

Strong men and women, if they are lucky, become fluent in many working parts of the family machine team. 

When each team member works to become a fully functioning human being who can care for self and others on a physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual level, then we have added a delicious recipe card to the files.

I can’t help with all everything.

But I can teach a boy how to cook.

I hope it helps in some small way.

Because I want someone to ask my son one day,

“How are you going to manage becoming an aerospace engineer AND becoming a father?”

And I want him to answer that question with his own question,

“Have you ever tasted my cooking?”

Coaching is my specialty!


“…appearance should not be mistaken for truth; narrow human doctrines, that only tend to elate and magnify a few, should not be substituted fro the world-redeeming creed of Christ.”

-Currer Bell (pen name of Charlotte Bronte), December 21, 1847

-from the Preface to the Second Edition of Jane Eyre

Families are teams that rise and fall…together.

Thank you God for families and problems and courage and tears and falling and hurting and getting back up with His/Her help. 




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