Maria’s Roasted Kale & Bacon (vegan alternative provided) Salad


Maria Martucci’s Roasted Kale and Bacon Salad 


Today’s recipe can be modified to suit vegan and meat eaters. It’s also invented from one of my favorite friends, Maria Martucci, who shared this recipe with Renata’s Kitchen when we were raising our brood of kids.

Though Maria topped her platter with bacon, you could easily top this with a lovely vegan bacon like Upton Naturals Vegan Bacon, which I adore because it is made from vital wheat gluten, is packed with protein, and low in calories. It’s a fantastic brand, and I think all their products taste amazing. I find it at Wholefoods or Trader Joe.

If you needed to suit vegan and omnivores together, you could create the kale salad with roasted potatoes, and cook the meat bacon/vegan bacon separately, and have folks sprinkle on their own choice.

This recipe issue easy, and would make a really lovely simple supper during this Chicago Winter Vortex Snap of 2019!


Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon.

Doug Larson

Thanks be to…

Maria Martucci! Thank you for striking up a conversation with me when I was hopping up and down in the cold at our kids’ baseball game. Nothing seems cold anymore compared to this weather!


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