How to Order Healthy Groceries Online at Aldi

Thank You Jessica @AldiUSA for a
Great Customer Experience

Thank you to Jessica Silva @AldiUSA!

The Jetsons are almost here.

Some of you may not recall the television show, “The Jetsons”. I always dreamed of pressing a button as Jane did, and never having to go to the grocery store to have everything refilled! So far, my Aldi experience has been an excellent start. (Wholefoods is next.) For now, I am thrilled with the Aldi delivery!

How to Order Aldi Groceries:

@Aldi is committed to selling pesticide-free and organic food.
  • Visit or click here to start shopping online
  • Load up on tons of veggies; organic where possible.
  • Select 1-hr, 2-hr, or a different day delivery, and relax (i.e. work).
  • Enjoy Aldi messaging system, when you may get a smiley face emoji if they find your favorite flavor of dairy-free ice cream!
  • My purchase felt secure, simple, and scored a “10” in technology.
  • Save your aching back from lugging heavy groceries, wine, and detergent from your cart to car/car to house.
  • You will have to put groceries away yourself, but that’s what ice cream & wine is for– encouraging the rest of the family to help.
  • I spent $48 on 4 full bags of produce and other items, many organic.

I shopped last week for the first time on the Aldi website, and it was incredibly easy to use the site. I wanted to use Aldi because my son liked the 2-hour delivery system he uses at the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign. I also got wind of their commitment to organic and pesticide-free foods.

According to, Aldi planned to ban 8 pesticides from all its products in U.S. stores. I ordered as much organic as I possibly could, and I had the option to get the non-organic version if the shopper couldn’t find organic.

The shopper messaging from Aldi is superb, with clear and pleasant text messaging throughout the entire process. A few minutes before delivery, I got a message my groceries would arrive, so I had a chance to put my dogs out the back and not hear them bark up a storm.

The shopper parked at the end of my driveway which I thought was very courteous. Her bright smile encouraged me to chat with her a little bit. I asked Jessica if she wouldn’t mind being included in my story with a photo and she said yes!

Jessica works two jobs. She works full-time in Data Entry, and delivers groceries on the weekends. I am SO impressed! It’s a wonderful feeling to be inspired by the sheer determination in follow-through that you see in others. Outstanding job Jessica!

Well done to @Aldi for committing to excellent foods and excellent training and team building!

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

Mahatma Gandhi
The Aldi Haul–wine included! (They will check ID.)

You can even order alcohol


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