Friends & Family Friday: Berlice’s Post-Workout Detox Drink!


  • place 2 halved knobs of fresh turmeric & juice of 1/2 lemon in pitcher
  • add 16 oz boiling water
  • let it sit for 10 minutes
  • pour from pitcher without straining to keep all essential bits!
  • drink only slightly warm for a gentle entrance into your system
  • excellent anti-inflammatory drink!
Turmeric root is a great anti-inflammatory food!


Walking with my friend Berlirce is an educational experience in healthy food excellence, and boy to we have fun!

The entire hour that Berlirce and I walked today was spent talking about food, fitness, fun and faith. Once we arrived home, we were mad scientists in the kitchen where we had an impromptu potion experiment.

I have made hot tea-like drinks in the past, but Berlice introduced me to the concept of not straining out any of the goodness that is floating in the concoction we produced. Berlice grew up in Cameroon, and is one of my favorite people in the world to learn about food from because she grew up so differently to me!

Within a few minutes we had put together a drink that was so fresh and invigorating, with a lovely lemon hue because of the magical anti-inflammatory properties of the turmeric root.

Berlice and I met at our church where we quickly discovered we both love eating super healthy food and keeping fit. I will admit that my level of fitness is way lower than Berlirce’s. She has invited me to attend three fitness classes in a row on the same day, and I can’t keep up!

I am more of a walking gal, and so we take turns doing outdoor and indoor workouts together. I love listening to Berlirce talk about her native Cameroon where she grew up, and hearing stories about her favorite foods!

“My family in Africa, we don’t measure out in recipes like people here do. We just say a bit of this and that, and we figure it out,” Berlice said, adding, “whenever someone comes to your home where I am from, you always give them something nice to eat or drink. Food is about how we connect!”

Berlice told me all about her Moroccan friend in Chicagoland who quit her job to open up her own healthy catering service that serves women’s events. I can’t wait to be introduced to her, so I can introduce her to you!

How nice would it be to have a health & wellness festival with friends and family from around the world? My dream is to be a portal into that world!

I am going to try to make Berlice’s favorite dish that she explained how to make in the video. I have never cooked a black-eyed bean loaf wrapped in a banana leaf and cooked over an open fire, but I bet I can figure out a few suitable alternatives!

I am so thankful to God for friendship and fun!


One day I asked myself, ‘What do I have to sell in this world?’ And I realized, well, I only can sell what I have in my bag, and what I have in my bag is my past, and this is Cameroon. This is the raw material of my career.

Blick Bassy


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