DAILY BREAD: Water, Water, Everywhere and Not a Chop to THINK!

Did Our Ancestors Drink 8 Glasses of

Water a DAY?

Grandma Wanda, 100% Polish, 100% really cool woman!
Grandma Wanda, 100% Polish, 100% really cool woman!



It’s hard to picture my great, great grandparents coming home from the general store with bottled water for the seventeen people who lived under one roof.

So how did they stay hydrated? 

Possible ways our ancestors stayed hydrated:

  • tap water

  • well water

  • they didn’t stay properly hydrated

  • they didn’t NEED to stay as hydrated as we do

  • they ate less processed food 

  • they ate more vegetables and fruits

Some combination of all of these factors is probably how our ancestors stayed hydrated.

There may also be other factors not listed.

I’d like to focus on the final factor, because I think it contributes to the whole engine of the human body running efficiently.


Notice I didn’t say: eat your fruit.  I DO think it’s important to eat fruit.  But if you someone put a gun to your head and said to choose fruit or veg, I think vegetables would save your life over fruit.

Since nobody is holding guns to our heads at the kitchen counter (unless you are having a REALLY bad day), then choosing to PUMP UP THE VEG would make a lot of sense.

Vegetables are full of vitamins, yes.  Fresh vegetables also contain about 90-90% water.

Fresh fruit contains about 70-90% water too.

Since the human body is composed of about 60% water, then filling it with fresh veggies and fruit will hydrate your body beautifully!

No wonder our grandmas had such good skin.

My grandma didn’t spend $300 on beauty creams and fillers. She was so poor she had to eat foods they grew, chopped, and ate with her own two hands.

Remember also that  fruits and vegetables contain an awful lot of protein too!

So if you ever wondered how you ancestors broke athletic records without the use of chemicals, steroids, protein powders or bars, look no further than the small vegetable plot growing outside beneath the kitchen window.

Maybe my grandma was thirsty, and she just never complained about it.

But my bet is that our ancestors stayed healthy, hydrated and beautiful by keeping things simple.

Eat. Your. Veg.


Grandmas Rules of Green Thumb

  • If you eat a sandwich, fill the rest of that plate with as many different cut up slices of raw veggies and fruits as you can get your hands on.

  • Ditch the hydrating creams and spend your money on fresh or frozen veggies

  • If you are a master gardener, then grow a ton of veg and give the excess to your local food pantry!

  • If you never grew a veggie in your life, get a bag of veggie soil, lay it in the sun horizontally, cut the plastic all around the edges to make a ‘bed’, and nestle 2-3 plants evenly spaced apart in your little ‘veggie patch’ and enjoy lettuce, tomatoes, and a basil plant all summer. (Don’t forget to give them water & sun!)

  • Don’t Fear Frozen! Don’t let anyone ever shame you for eating frozen veg.  Costco sells HUGE bags of organic frozen veggies, and often times they are frozen immediately after picking, so they are full of nutrients!

  • Whenever you get hungry, grab a veg or fruit FIRST.  Afterward, if you are still hungry, eat whatever you wish! At least you got  some water, protein, vitamins in your gut.

  • Hide veggies in your kids’ smoothies: my daughter once snuck raw spinach in my fruit smoothie and I never noticed!

  • If you suddenly notice your skin looks luscious, beautiful, plump and without wrinkles, then throw away your expensive skin care products and invest in ORGANIC PRODUCE!

  • To avoid genetically modified organisms (seeds that scientists have used to turn selected genes on or off) buy “GMO-free”, or organic produce. Your gut may say to you: “Well, hello! I KNOW you! I understand you! Thank you for coming back! I will stop throwing up a fuss and sending you itchy hives, terrible rashes, horrible skin and dreadful trips to the doctor.  I’m glad you heard me!”

  • Buy or grow pesticide-free produce and claim yourself to be an “ECO-WARRIOR” next time someone asks you what causes you support.  For every crop that is rotated, the soil becomes more balanced, and God knows we need a balanced ecosystem!


  • Tell your Grandma or Grandpa “thank you”.  They taught us SO much!


Everyone needs to have access both to grandparents and grandchildren in order to be a full human being. ~Margaret Mead















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