Daily Bread: Dial Your Gut to 11 with Protein Powder?

Dial Your Gut to 11


I have a friend who I have been trying to wean off crack, I mean protein powder.

The protein powder industry spreads across a wide spectrum of supplements.  

Some protein powders are inexpensive, full of genetically modified soy, sugar, and dairy.

Some protein powders are entirely plant based, with no soy, gluten, whey, sugar or GMOs.

Researching ingredients began to blow my mind.

One company called “Health Force” divides their ingredients into teams known as the “Warrior Naval Force,” “Warrior Land Force”, “Warrior Enzyme Concentrate”, and “Warrior Probiotics”. 

In fact, the “Health Force” company has created a super elite form of impressive ingredients. So powerful is this formula and its moniker, that they trademarked the title.

Health Force crowned its ingredients to be not just organic, but “TruGanic”.  

Is this for real? Or did a lean, green, Nigel from Spinal Tap just turn the protein powder dial up to 11? 

Accumulating accurate research on the internet to be sure you are drinking easy-to-make shakes would take hours of Googling. 

Wouldn’t it be quicker to cut up some veggies and eat them with a bowl of lentils? 

Right or wrong, the protein powder fad is not going anywhere.

Normally, I don’t drink powder shakes.  But I am in search of a protein powder for a friend who is avoiding soy, sugar, whey, rice, dairy and gluten, and anything not organic/GMO-free.  

This is not a very easy task!

I insisted the help of Food Babe. Some folks don’t think she’s terribly scientific, but I happen to LOVE Food Babe! I think she’s a good go-to source, and I like her suggestions so far.

So I am going to try one of her protein powders from her 2012 list.

Food Babe lists her #1 Protein Powder for 2012 as:

Health Force Nutritional’s Warrior Food Extreme.  

(“Well it’s one louder, isn’t it?”)

Here is the link to all of the current choices in the Health Force Warrior Force’s mission to “Ignite the Warrior Within”!

Which of these protein powders will help me dial my gut up to 11?


On the off chance you don’t want to monkey with any logos, you could just prepare your own dinner.  In that case, I leave you with my recipe for Renata’s Power “Risotto”.

The only logo you will have to deal with is my own.

My logo is located in the right hand upper corner of the Renata’s Kitchen website. The original painting is located over my desk where I write Our Daily Bread each day. It was hand painted by my dear friend’s 8-year-old daughter, Veronika Hartmann. I love the dancing vegetables over my head.  They are more fun than blitzed bits in the blender with powder, I can assure you!


Whichever way you choose to figure out your gut, the warrior in me bows to the warrior in you. 

Nutritional Namaste and…



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