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Renata’s Smashing Marinara

Smashed clove of garlic makes for a very sweet sauce with no bitterness.

Smash Garlic, Make Sandwiches, Brew Coffee



My husband announced with glee that a Ted Talker has proven that “multitasking” is impossible. His triumphant remark was delivered at the dinner table between bites of food that I prepared while folding laundry, ordering my daughter’s birthday cake, and tackling tech torture for work.

I disagree!

Maybe our brains can’t legitimately multitask per se.  Maybe the word “multitask” is simply a euphemism that every woman I know uses to describe the way she thinks about dinner, the emotional well-being of her children, and whether she can squeeze in an eyebrow wax on the way home from work…on the WAY to work.

I don’t know if men also do this in their own way because I am not a man.  I figure I will never totally understand my man, so I just keep choosing to love him instead and hope he does the same for me, despite my numerous flaws (the least of which is publicly shaming his Ted Talkness.)

But I do know that I am a woman who considers herself to be a multitasking dynamo.

Maybe being born into restaurant captivity trained me to prep, prep, prep.  Maybe my momma and dad woke up cooking hearty dinners at breakfast time so they could eat vegetables and pasta when they came home from working at a sausage and beef sandwich shop all day. Maybe I just don’t like cleaning, so I try to cook all at once in the morning when lunches and breakfast are wrecking the joint anyway.

In the morning, my motto is: one wreck, one clean, at dinner time I ain’t mean.

Whatever the reason, COOKING DINNER WITH BREAKFAST gets great results!

  • Boil water for pasta while packing lunches

  • Use pot of boiling water to batch-cook veggies and let them cool for a veggie vinaigrette

  • Renata’s Smashing Marinara takes same time to cook at pasta water takes to boil/pasta cooks

  • Slice & Dice veggies and fruits for lunches and mix them into a salad for the dinner side dish. Chop! Chop!

  • One Morning Mess leaves you with a clean kitchen in the evening when you are tired from work

  • Model Self-Care before Work (Kids DO what you DO, Not what you Say)

  • Pretend you have a maid/chef when you come home to a lovely meal at 6:30pm

  • Ravenous on way home from school/work later, you won’t grab chips/chocolate/500cal latte

  • It’s cheap!

Top Tips for Making it Work

  • Don’t expect it to be your NEW WAY of life. Shoot for doing this once a week to start.

  • Put it on your calendar for 30 minutes any morning you can swing it.

  • Set the timer for 30 minutes and throw down a challenge to make breakfast/dinner in that time.

  • Deadlines produce results! 30 Minute Challenge will force you to “think like a restauranteur” and overlap ingredients across multiple meals.

  • Chop! Chop! Start chopping fruit/veggies THEN decide where to slot them in to breakfast and lunch. Necessity is the mother of creative meals!

  • Reward yourself in the evening with 30 minutes extra time to read, take a walk, watch tv…you will have earned that time because you aren’t frazzled and starving.


I am aware that a philosopher’s ideas are not subject to the judgment of ordinary persons, because it is his endeavor to seek the truth in all things, to the extent permitted to human reason by God.

-Nicolaus Copernicus (author of first book I ever gave my husband as a gift 23 years ago!)

Let the one among you who is without sin be the first to cast a stone.

-Jesus Christ (I’m still working on this one! Doh!)

My excellent husband Peter supporting another multitasking dynamo--my sister Lisa!
My excellent husband Peter supporting another multitasking dynamo–my sister Lisa!



  1. Nita Yribo

    I love this column. Such clever writing.
    I however have a bit of a problem with the cooking dinner at breakfast; which I do and have done. I tend to eat the dinner for breakfast. Love you, mom


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