Chickens and Kids Need Food, Play and Sunshine



Dazzle your senses, prep/cleanup a breeze.


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How would your kids look today without fresh air, exercise, and a few decent meals? A little scrawny.

Your chickens are no different!

Don’t ask me what those Amish folks do to make their chickens taste so good.  I haven’t seen any that are technically organic, but they must be doing something like letting them walk around, clucking and yacking, gossiping and gobbling on some good grub. Cuz they taste goooooood!

This sounds kinda gross to think about, but when animals run around, they build bone. When bones are good and strong, they make flavorful meat. When they eat well and are happy, (until oopsie, they are dead) they have healthy ecosystems and make yummy roasted chickens!

I implore you to try to eat more quality chicken.  Now, don’t attack me, because I too am broke! (You think websites make money? Only if you’re Gwyneth Paltrow.)

The best way to get good value for the buck is to either eat less, or eat less expensive cuts like wings and thighs. I LOVE dark meat and usually opt to eat chicken fewer times a month, dark meat more often than not.  But those chickens have just gotta be either free-range, Amish, or organic.  And even the organic ones, if they don’t come from Whole Foods, have to look fresh, plump, bright and cheerful!

I mean, really,  how do you think a fake looking yellow skinned battery chicken gets that way? It wasn’t using crayons.  And if it was, it would probably be better for your health.

So buy your chicken from the Amish, or Whole Foods Market, or HollyHock Hill Farms, or some other local farm where you know they are nice to their animals.

And while you are saving up your pennies, eat more beans and lentils! They are cheap, cheerful, and POWERFULLY pumped stuff.

Then when you sit down with your strong, healthy, happy kids, your conscience and your balance sheet will be CLEAN!


I pray that I may expect miracles in the lives of people.  I pray that I may be used to help people change.

  • From Twenty-Four Hours a Day: Prayer for the Day 

Thank you God for animals and oxygen and grass and skies and farmers who care deeply for their livestock. 




  1. I too LOVE Amish chickens, deelish!
    Those free range sold at Whole Foods are Amish Chickens. They have
    both kinds. At our local grocer, Walts in Homewood, il. They have the Miller Amish chickens with the name on label in blue. These are the happy guys that can run around the chicken house, but not outdoors where they could get disease or perish from our hard Midwestern winters, do what they like, are given no hormones or antibiotics, fed a nice healthy diet which includes vegetables and then when it’s their time are processed in the water bath method lovingly watched over by their Amish farmers.
    At the Whole food stores I believe they sell the somewhat free range also not given any antibiotics or hormones, but are air dried to come to our table.
    Both ways of processing are equally good, especially when cared for by the conscientious Amish farmer.
    Either way DEELISH!!

    • Hi Momma, (Nita Tribo)! I did not know that about the Amish chickens so thank you for the “Bird’s eye view” teehee! It takes a village to pick a chicken. I always think of that scene in the movie “The Help” when she goes out and grabs a chicken from the yard and chops its head off, then sinks her teeth into crunchy, divine fried chicken afterward. Big business has developed so we don’t really see much that way anymore. I liked your story. Thank you for posting.


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