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AWARD!!! Best. Coffee. Ever.
And the award goes to Bill’s!
Best. Coffee. Ever.

♥da recipe

 follow link to coffee:


Recipe for World’s Best Cup of Coffee

  1. Visit Bill’s Restaurant (UK Site) to purchase.

  2. Wait for overseas shipping to deliver to your kitchen. 

  3. Realize why you paid for overseas shipping.

  4. Continue a life long addiction to having coffee beans that were roasted in Italy, and shipped from Britain. Mamma Mia!!! 

♥ da story

Sit down San Francisco, Seattle and New York.  

Cardiff gets the win for best cup of coffee EVER. (Italy scores the assist.)

Bill’s Restaurant was not in business when I lived in England.  If it was, I may never have left. 

On a recent trip to Cardiff, I fell into the arms of a restaurant whose cup of love runneth so far over, one wonders if “Bill” is in the back of the restaurant carving candles shaped like coffee beans he painstakingly sourced in the fields of the Italian countryside, roasting them side-by-side with a 4 ft Italian woman whose crooked little fingers intrigued him at the market.

With the expansion of Bill’s restaurants in the UK, Bill is on a roll. I will also bet that one day, there may be a Bill’s on the Gold Coast in Chicago, or maybe even here in Elmhurst (preferably walking distance to my house.)

But don’t bet on coffee chain mediocrity.

Bill had something to say, and he said it.  He used art, love, passion and charm. With an eye for the simple, a taste for the natural, and a whimsical wit, I bet Bill is one hell of a foodie, with the soul of an introvert and the will of an extrovert.  I would like to take a walk with Bill though the Welsh countryside and talk about coffee, jam, bacon and toast.

I would also like to stand on the mountain tops and shout to the world about 895,000 things I loved about Bill’s Restaurant when I was there.  But one thing at a time. Let’s start with the coffee. 

Bill’s coffee is the best cup of coffee I have ever had. Ever.

I have not lived everywhere on earth. But I have lived in a few different countries.  I have visited many more.  Italy and France seem to duel for best coffee, with an occasional nod to one of the United State’s most humble artisan roasters. 

Bill’s beats them all.

Bill, of “Bill’s ” is an actual person.  He is the son of an English green grocer.  (That’s a fruit and veg market to us.) He spent his childhood looking after mother nature’s bounty, and wondering what he could do for a living.  

If Bill is anything like I am (I also grew up working for a family food business), he spent a lot of time day dreaming. I call this  “talking to the fairies”. It is meditative. Day after day you cut, wrap, give and receive.  You have a lot of time to imagine what you would do when you grow up, and  how you would do something so different.  Or at least…differently. 

If this is the case with the actual Bill (of Bill’s), then I congratulate him.  If he talked to the fairies, then he translated their whispers into tangible wonder.  His delicious, organic, and mesmerizing sights, smells, tastes and sounds will fill your senses.  

I believe Bill made our world feel just a little bit better. 

The deep, smooth coffee actually told my mouth a story.  But I also give you the link  to order the lemon curd, which was also dynamite. What are these chickens DOING in Britain that makes them deliver such beautifully creamy eggs? Are they talking to the fairies too? Did the fairies tell them to get plenty of sunshine, and avoid eating genetically modified corn? 

I purchased Bill’s Cook Book too, thinking I could just make my own lemon curd when I arrived back in Chicagoland.  Then I realized I didn’t have any free range hens walking around the joint, nor did I feel like sourcing out the world’s best lemons, sugars, and jars to store them in. (I am still working on the ultimate chocolate cake recipe. First things first!)

One thing I also brought home was one of Bill’s red tea/coffee pots.  It is kinda nicked around the edges and it is supposed to be.  You can brew coffee in it, a charming Cardiff staff member told me, 

“If you just nick one of those little baskets from a coffee maker, and pour boiling water through the coffee and let it sit for four minutes.  The pot keeps it incredibly hot!”

“Really?” I said.  “I’ll take it!”

I have been looking for a pot I could do some entertaining with, and also take on a camping trip, with equal enthusiasm. 

When I went to haul away my treasures, the lovely young man told me, 

“I didn’t charge you for the tea pot. I could tell you loved it so much. It’s a gift from us. “

The tea pot was lovingly wrapped in pastel tissue and ribbon so it wouldn’t get damaged in my suitcase, nor would it take up much space. 

“Just stuff some socks in the pot when you pack!” he said.

On Bill’s Restaurant site, in the “story” section, team Bill explains: 

Often with more luck than judgement, we set out to create something amazing, with great food, a real buzz, and plenty to look at – a place for everyone. We had a lot of support – from our customers and suppliers, and from the lovely people who came to work with us and, to our surprise, we became a bit of a sensation.

Bill, I hope you are proud of yourself and of your staff.  

Bill’s IS a place for everyone, with plenty to look at, and GREAT food and drinks.

Your coffee must have taken years to hunt, roast, and deliver to us.

Your porridge has turned me into a mad scientist here at home, trying to reproduce such art. 

Your interior design of rough blended with ritzy reminded me that taste is serious, but food is humble. 

The people who come to work with you lovely indeed. 

My only question about your website is this. 

How do I add “Bill’s Restaurant Delivered to Chicago” to my basket?


I finally know how to ask my Welsh family how to go to the bathroom!

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♥ da quote

We work in the dark.

We do what we can.

We give what we have.

Our doubt is our passion and our passion is our lask. The rest is the madness of art.

-Henry James





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