Trivia Tuesday: Congratulations to Winner Amy Lossie! (Answers too…)

Click here for Recipe for: Renata’s Super Strong Split Pea Stew.

I love Trivia Tuesdays and wish every day of my life was a trivia game. Put trivia together with food, and you have two of my favorite past times!

SO! Here are the answers to last week’s Tuesday Trivia.

Amy Lossie got ALL four questions right, and so she becomes our first ever “Trivia Tuesday Champion”! Amy, for your prize I will conduct a trivia contest around any food, food subject, or recipe you would like to know about in the future. Thank you for playing, and I am impressed by your nutritional knowledge!

Trivial Pea-rsuits…

  1. Which of these foods is highest in fiber?

A) 1/4 C dried wheat bran (6.2g)

B) 1 C cooked quinoa (5.2g)

C) 1/2 C cooked split peas (CORRECT ANSWER! 8.1g fiber!)

D) 1 C cooked broccoli (5.1g)

2. How are split peas halved?

A) Using large rocks in a factory setting.

B) After harvesting and drying, they naturally split (CORRECT ANSWER! I guess they would cost more if they had to be processed in another way. So not only are they Fab Fibers, they are Cheap-n-Cheerfuls!)

C) Using a machine called the Splitohaffica, which was originally invented in 3,000 B.C. in ancient Mesopotamia. Paragraph

D) They listened to the jokes told by the highly spirited red lentils next to them and said “you crack me up!”

3. What scientist studied the inheritance of seed color in peas, and found the green phenotype to be recessive to the yellow? 

A) Marie Curie

B) Louis Pasteur

C) Stephen Hawking

D) Gregor Mendel (CORRECT ANSWER!!)

4. What is the only food on this list that has more protein than a cup of cooked split peas? (16g)

A) A cup of cooked lentils (CORRECT ANSWER BY A HAIR! 17.9g)

B) A cup of cooked steel cut oats (4g)

C) Two poached eggs (12.6 g)

D) Panera turkey sandwich (16g)


There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy.

-Frederich Nietzsche

Split peas are rich in fiber & protein and are so cheap YOU will be rich!


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