5-Minute Super Spinach POP!

Ode to da Spinach
Ode to da Spinach

 da recipe♥

Organic Panic Recipe of the Day:

5- Minute Spinach, Tomato and Garlic Beans

  1. Saute 3 cloves of freshly sliced garlic with 3 T extra virgin olive oil for a minute.

  2. Toss a hand full of halved cherry tomatoes into the pan with salt and pepper and cook another minute..

  3. Add a can of drained, rinsed, organic cannellini beans, and stir.

  4. Plonk a mountain of fresh organic spinach on top of your pan, cover tightly and cook for a few more minutes.

  5. Open your lid, say “ta-da!” and see how gorgeous your verdant green queen looks against the ripe, red tomatoes and creamy white beans.

  6. Mix ’em up, they’re done.

Enjoy as a main dish, or along side roast chicken, a few roasted potatoes, pasta, rice, an old shoe…just kidding on that last one. Sort of.

 da story ♥

Think of spinach as your leafy superhero.

Dress it in glitzy olive oil and your skin may glow like Sophia Loren’s.

Pump it full of cannellini beans and drive down your budget while you pump up your fiber.

Sautee it with tomatoes with garlic, and salt the whole combined mixture faster than your oven can even PREHEAT for a frozen meal.

Make mountains of the stuff and it it for dinner on its own.

Or in tomorrow’s morning’s spinach ommelette.

Or serve it alongside a lazy Sunday roast chicken and potatoes.

Spinach is one of the hardest working vegetables in the field with obvious awards for iron and vitamin C, but should get extra credit for its very low glycemic index, and super low calorie count!

I like it because I can still get a gargantuan pile of organic green without breaking the bank. Oh yeah, and it already comes triple washed so I don’t have to do much prep work!

And that green is so deep, so luscious, so rich, it makes my eyes disappear into the back of my head.


Eat your POP of green,

Grow your muscle lean,

Blend it with da bean,

Glowing like a queen!

da quote♥

“ …maybe God can use me despite the fact that I, in so many ways, am ill-suited for the work I do.”

-Nadia Bolz-Webeter

From her  book, “Accidental Saints” (2015, available on iBooks, or da plain old book store.)

Da-vinity in da form of da doggy.
Da-vinity in da form of DaVita Doggy

Thanks be to God for spinach and Nadia and dogs…AMEN!



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