Renata’s Roasted Seasonal Vegetables

To my amazement, my dad last year said, “This is what I was waiting for!” when I took my roasted vegetables out of the oven.  They are so colorful and beautiful. 

Carnivores, vegetarians, gluten-free and vegans love them. 

Cut into bite sized pieces any seasonal veggies such as: raw peeled beet root, broccoli, sliced carrot, cauliflower, peeled sweet potatoes, raw cubed squash, a few wedges of unpeeled russet potatoes as much garlic chopped as you like (5-10 cloves?)  chopped shallot, and generous olive oil, favorite fresh or dried herbs (I love thyme), salt and pepper. 

Stir and let sit an hour or two if you have time during the day.  Spread evenly on one or two trays and ROAST IT WITH RENATA AT 375F until all soft and glorious golden brown at edges (about 30 min or so).


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Renata's Roasted Seasonal Vegetables


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