Red Lentil Power “Risotto”

The Red Lentil is My New Hero!

Red Lentil + Basmati Rice=Dream Team

Red lentils cook so fast, and in the same amount of time as Basmati rice,  making this my Super Fast Power Mama favorite!

Organic red lentils and organic long grain white Basmati rice are the DREAM TEAM of foods because they cook at virtually the same length of time, and when they are blitzed, they blend into a harmonious consistency that will have the kids slurping away in minutes. (Me? Disguise my veggies by blitzing and topping with Parmesan cheese? Never!)

This dish is LOADED with fiber, vitamins and protein.  A serious one-stop-shop of everything you could ever need in a meal, blitzed into a nice little bowl of heavenly healing  Power ‘Risotto’.



Red Lentil Power "Risotto"



  1. Connie Nestler

    You’ve have done a great service to highlight these four important practices to help us do our best to stay healthy. These nutritional recipes certainly aid me to diversify my pescatarian diet! Thank you! I love all the ingredients too!

    • Thank you, Connie! Your diet sounds very healthy. I have a couple easy roasted fish recipes which can be topped with lots
      of yummy veggies or lentils. Have a great weekend! (Or is all of life a weekend now??)


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