“My Little Chick-a-Pea” 400 Calorie Lunch

“My Little Chick-a-Pea” 400 Calorie Lunch


If you know me, then you know I LOVE black and white movies. So today’s recipe pays homage to the characters played by  Mae West and W.C. Fields in “My Little Chickadee”.

W.C. Fields: You must come up and see me sometime.

Mae West: Oh yeah, yeah, I’ll do that my little chickadee.

I certainly don’t mind a little meat on my bones.  After all, my whole world revolves around food! But lately I’ve been resembling W.C. Fields, and I’d rather resemble Mae West!

When things get a little too juicy over here, I try to build out my meals with tons of crunchy veggies. To keep my portions under control, I try to stay around the 400-500 calorie mark for meals (with a couple very light snacks and exercise in between).

I therefore give you my lunchtime concoction.  This one would be great on a bed of romaine lettuce, or just on its own.  You can triple the recipe and have lunches for a few days.

Bursting with fiber, flavor and color, this recipe is gonna fill your cheeks with color and feed your soul!

Just the way I like ya, my little chickadees!



“My Little Chick-a-Pea” 400 Calorie Lunch


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