Manic Moday: Bank on Balanced Blood

Recipe: $2.50 Balance Bowl

Ingredients with links below!

Nutrients & Cost

  • 12 g protein (my goal is 60)
  • 13 g fiber (my goal is 25)
  • 16 g fat (my goal is 40)
  • 12 g sugars (my goal is 45)
  • 59 g carbohydrates (my goal is 150)
  • $2.50/serving
  • 391 cal/bowl


Nothing sets me up for anxiety like a shaky head from overly processed food in the morning. I have experimented a lot with breakfast over the years, because I have a delicate blood-sugar sensitivity and can get quite heady even with only a small amount of refined carbs or sugars. This breakfast is a great fit for slow burning energy, costs only $2.50/serving, and is under 400 calories.

I used to eat shredded wheat on its own, and I still think that’s a very good choice. But I find that if I add a little nut fat to my breakfast, then I feel much more satisfied throughout the day and don’t seem to crave sweets as much. When you get this jar of almond butter home from Costco, stand it upside down on its head for the night so all the oils can mix back with the solids, and that should make it congeal properly for the rest of the time you use it. I love this almond butter because it has only one ingredient: roasted almonds!

The blueberries are an excellent antioxidant, and are full of water, so they keep the gut full of volume, and can be found even organic in the frozen section all year round. Blueberries are full of calcium, are low on the glycemic index scale, and are quite low calorie for such a gorgeous burst of color!

I absolutely love this almond milk that is slightly flavored with vanilla! I got it at Costco and it comes in a case of 6 which can be quite heavy carrying home from the store, but a lot lighter than hauling cow’s milk. I gave up dairy when I realized it was causing me to build up a lot of mucus, especially during the allergy season, and I rarely go back to it, especially when no-sugar choices like this one are available.

The Whole Earth Sweetener is essentially stevia, and I know when I used to eat more sugar I thought it tasted odd. But when the holidays are over, and I am back to not eating sweets so much, I can really taste the sugars that come in the form of fruit, and even vegetables! There is sugar and sweetness in just about everything if your taste buds aren’t bowled over on a regular basis by processed sugar. This stevia sweetener tastes really good to me when I am in a good “no sweets” groove. I like the granular texture.

I don’t eat vegan all the time, but this breakfast makes so much sense for good health and is so cheap and quick to throw together, it’s a great solution that just happens to be plant-based! I can’t say enough good things about the power of FIBER! Especially when it is in its natural form, without much processing. Post Shredded Wheat has the fiber that will keep your whole body running smoothly, and has no added sugar to keep you grounded.

It’s becoming very easy for vegans to start eating processed convenience foods that come out of a package or freezer but that may have more oil and sugar than what naturally grows out of the ground! This bowl is a good blend of plants, nuts & berries that will keep your blood sugar on an even keel, and satisfied for several hours. At under 400 calories, I think it’s a star!

There are definitely more important things in life than counting calories, counting fiber, and counting protein. But these little choices of what goes in your mouth will support what comes out of your good heart.

As you get older, your body and your bank balance will reflect your rewards!

If you have any questions about where to find any of these brands, or others that fit your budget, please let me know! I would also love to know… where you find the best deals on your plant-based whole foods?


Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.

Leave frozen blueberries out at room temperature for 15 minutes, or simply put in fridge the night before.

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