Heavenly Penne with Creamy Dijon Sausage Sauce

A Recipe with Roots in the Great British Rain

I first tried a version of this recipe when our family lived in England. The original recipe can be found in Nigel Slater’s fabulous cookbook, Real Food. Nigel Slater is one of my favorite creative people on earth.  Another great British chef, you ask? Yes! There are so many. Britain, once known for their bland cuisine, has positively taken over the cooking cavalry. It won’t be the first time in history when we have asked ourselves how such a tiny little island could become so dominant.  

There are many reasons why Britain conquered the world. Perhaps all that rain has something to do with it. Rain causes people to sit indoors and think things through. The British climate contributes to this great cream sauce.  Rain produces great grass, grass feeds great cows, cows produce great cream, and great cream makes this pasta sauce taste absolutely fantastic. Cream, milk, cheese and butter are a huge source of pride for British dairy farmers, and our family knew we were going to miss these heavenly assets when we moved back to America in 2005.

(This recipe is based on Nigel’s recipe. He adds a cup of sliced fresh basil, which you can certainly add, and omits the garlic. Nigel uses grain Dijon mustard and red pepper flakes, I used plain Dijon.  I also heap with Parmesan cheese at the table.)


Fun links for this recipe and story: 

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Enzo’s Restaurant to call and order sausage for shipment: http://enzos1.com/  Tell Kyle Hallberg, my fabulous nephew, or Lisa Hallberg, my favorite sister, that Renata’s Kitchen sent ya.

Jake’s Country Meats for free range sausage (they drop at farmer’s markets in suburban Chicago):  http://www.jakescountrymeats.com/

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Heavenly Penne with Creamy Dijon Sausage Sauce


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