Happy Hour Hunkering

How to Host Your Virtual Happy Hour

Beautiful drinks soothe your sense of taste, smell, touch, and sight!

Zoom, Skype or Facetime Cocktails?

Our New Normal is Here to Stay

It’s time to put on a colorful scarf, and pretend you’re not wearing your fat pants. Virtual Cocktail Hour is HERE!

You have several choices as you sip a Corona during Corona Crisis.

  • Zoom: Up to 100 people are FREE! Head here, invite your pals, and don’t be afraid to bust out and try it for the first time if you don’t normally use it at work. You can figure out how to add cool background drops in the future. For now, put your lipstick on, and don’t worry if you smell bad! CLICK HERE to go to Zoom and grab a beer and a game with your besties you miss so much.
  • Skype: Add your family or friends to any type of party you want. You can even grab a morning coffee, or a romantic candlelit dinner for two! This link will show you how to set the stage for some human interaction other than the same people or dogs you have been staring at for the last two weeks. (Not that we don’t adore them!)
  • Facetime: There’s always good old facetime. This is especially if you are having cocktails or drinks with a smaller number of people. Go all out, and send your friends or loved ones an invitation that adds a little variety to their day. Everybody enjoys having special time coordinated with others, and it’s nice to have something to look forward to besides hoarding hand sanitizer! You’ll need an iPhone, and so will the others, so this may not be ideal for that lone family or friend who refuses to get on the Apple bandwagon. (You know who you are!)

And you know what really goes well with cocktails? DANCING! Pick a festive background, and boogie with your friends this weekend. Just remember that if you stand up at your desk, you may have to rethink your pajama bottoms!

I hope you all have someone to talk to or meet up with this weekend. If you want to have a meeting with me one on one, email me at renataskitchen@gmail.com and I can help you go through your bare pantry to locate some fun nibbles to go with your virtual happy hour.

What’s your favorite cocktail? I love this simple light cocktail:


  • 1 cute, fancy glass
  • sparkling water
  • handful of frozen berries
  • 1 shot vodka, rum, or gin
  • 1 splenda packet (or simple syrup)
Why whine when you can wine?

Until next time, hang in there, friends.

Live to love,



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