Daily Bread: Entertaining 101 Roast it with Renata at 375F!

Renata’s Roast Veggies will serve your food and decorating needs!


There is NOTHING to making a platter of roasted vegetables.

Basically pick out your favorite veggies, colorful as possible, and chop into fairly similar sized pieces. If a veggie takes awhile to cook (like a potato or cauliflower) you may wanna chop pieces smaller.

If a veg is super quick cook, like a tomato, or asparagus, perhaps throw them in slightly larger pieces.

Even when veggies get burned and gooey they still taste sooooo good!

Just cut some veggies up: seasonal! Cauliflower, broccoli, a few potatoes chopped in wedges, your favorite herbs fresh from the garden, (sticking to one you love is nice! Can’t go wrong with basil!) and toss with loads of olive oil, salt, pepper, chopped garlic, and spread on a tray.

Try not to crowd veggies, but never mind if you do!

Roast them with Renata at 375F until veggies look soft and yummy when you taste them!

Spread them on a white platter and serve them in the center of your party table as a colorful centerpiece!

Your vegans will be happy, your momma will be happy, your cheeks will be full of color!

Party on! Amen!


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