Cast Your Vote: Valentine’s Day in Chicago

Valentine’s Day is on Friday this year, so you will have the chance to celebrate a day of perpetual expectation and disappointment for the entire weekend!

But seriously, folks. If you’re going to spend money and enjoy an experience, why not do it with a group? Come on, get your head out of the gutter! I’m talking about the thrill of live music performed in any one of Chicago’s great bars.

But maybe you are a ‘table for two’ kinda person, and always will be? Let’s take a vote!

Which of these two Chicago experiences get your vote? Do you prefer a table for two? Or twenty-two?

Renee (Renata) and Sophie (Bright Light Vegan) Gough

A) Table for Twenty Two: Small Stage & Vegan Pie

Choose Joy this Valentine’s Day!

Beat Kitchen: Get $18 tickets (selling out quickly) for two acts! Tall Heights & Victoria Canal play live at this funky bar/restaurant/small stage Chicago gem in Roscoe Village near Belmont & Damen. Click HERE for tickets!

Chicago House of ‘Za: At last! Chicago plant-based pizza. 5 min drive or 20- minute walk to Beat Kitchen. Click HERE for pics and website!

B) Table for Two: Heavenly Home Cooked Meal & Chicago Cinema


Shiitake & Sun-Dried Tomato Linguine Recipe from Renata’s Kitchen. CLICK HERE for the recipe!

Renata’s Top Pick for a great view of the town from the comfort of your candlelit family room: About Last Night starring Demi Moore, Rob Lowe, Jim Belushi, and the great city of Chicago. CLICK HERE to rent on AmazonPrime!

So what’s your vote? A) Thriving and jiving? Or B) Simple and saucy? Or C) A write-in vote?

Any way you dice it, Happy Valentine’s Day!



  1. B) simple & saucy

  2. B) simple and saucy

  3. Sherry Bletz

    C) Couples massage and then dinner at a table for two. Afterward some snuggling up on the couch, fireplace crackling, glass of port in hand and random conversation. Then….❤


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