#1 Protective Measure Against COVID19 is…

5-Minute-Super-Spinach Recipe

Dr. Karin Molander, an ER doctor in the San Francisco Bay Area, gave an informative COVID19 fact presentation on YouTube for all to benefit. Dr. Molander also volunteers for Sepsis Alliance where she will be Board Chair beginning in April 2020. Karin is a friend of mine from high school, and she has been a conscientious communicator since forever! Her four top tips for protecting yourself and your family from COVID 19 will go a long way in maintaining community health to the best of our abilities.

Dr Karin Molander’s Top 4 Ways to Help Protect Your Family and Yourself Against COVID 19/Corona Virus:

It’s ‘thyme’ to review the basics!

#1 Get Enough Sleep

#2 Eat Well (Karin didn’t say to look for these healthy recipes on Renata’s Kitchen, but she has been known to check out recipes here!)

#3 Do Not Smoke or Vape

#4 Wash Your Hand Frequently, and for 20-40 seconds, between fingers, both sides of hands, go up to the wrist and minimize handshaking, high fiving, cheek kissing, common contact we have. Please don’t touch your faces, and wash the surfaces of your home and your workplace.

Check out Dr. Molander’s video here, including a link to the CDC website for more thorough information on Coronavirus, including a video on how to properly wash hands.

Check out more ways to eat well on my website, and email me any time if you have questions on how to feed your family during this crisis.

Renata’s Top 4 Recipes for Eating Well During COVID19:

Renata’s Super Strong Split Pea Stew.
Ohhhh yeah.
One-Dish-Wonder Oven Baked Pasta (No Boiling the Pasta!)

I am going to take a page out of Dr. Molander’s book and try to help others in any way I can, so bring me your kitchen quandaries! How can I help you during the Corona Virus Pandemic? I am available for recipes, kitchen coaching, and prayers for anything under the sun.

Email me or comment here anytime! We got this.


Live to love,



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